Types of Hand Embroidery Thread

Embroidery is not just about sewing; it’s also about choosing the right embroidery thread for your project. Yes, there are different types of hand embroidery thread out there and each one serves a very specific purpose. If you are just learning this craft, it is important that you familiarise yourself with these variations.

If you don’t know what these threads are for, you might end up with a disastrous project. Just think about that red bullion knot stitch you painstakingly sewed in your white throw pillow and seeing your pillow turn bloody red after a first wash. Can you just imagine the frustration after spending hours on end making that project only to have it ruined because you carelessly chose the wrong thread?

Get to know the different hand embroidery thread so you can create long lasting art pieces.

  1. Stranded Embroidery Cotton Thread

Out of all the threads, the stranded embroidery cotton thread is the most popular and the most in-demand thread when doing embroidery projects. Some people also prefer to call it embroidery floss. If you take a closer look at each strand, you will discover that it is actually made from two thin strand fibers twisted closely together. If you are a fan of cross-stitching, this is your go-to thread. You can also thread your needle using six strands or you can separate it, it all depends on the project you want to achieve. The embroidery floss is available on different fibers including silk, rayon, and cotton.

Types of Hand Embroidery Thread

  1. Perle Cotton or Pearl Cotton

Compared to the stranded embroidery cotton thread, the Pearl cotton is heavier. However, it comes in different ‘weights’. Since the Pearl cotton thread has a textured effect, it will look amazing on cross-stitch and hardanger embroidery. This is also the option if you want to create tassel earrings.

  1. Rayon Floss

Typically, Rayon floss is the thread of choice for those who like shiny and bright colored threads. Out of all the hand embroidery threads in the market, this is by far the shiniest of all. Unfortunately, using this thread can be very challenging to work with because it can tangle and knot quite easily. To prevent such problems, you can opt for shorter lengths or you can wet the thread before using it to give it moisture.

  1. Metallic Hand Embroidery Thread

From the name itself, the metallic shine of this thread type is used to highlight other techniques in embroidery. Unfortunately, metallic threads easily tarnish but you cannot discount its unique appeal.

  1. Crewel Yarn or Wool

The Crewel Yarn is made of fine natural wool and is mostly used in cross-stitch, wool embroidery, tapestry work, and needlepoint.

  1. Tapestry Yarn

If you’re looking for a soft yarn that you can use on canvas, this is the yarn you need. Usually, tapestry yarn is used in crewelwork and needlepoint projects.

  1. Silk Threads

When it comes to fine embroidery, you can never go wrong with silk threads. The nice thing about silk threads is that it comes in beautiful and vibrant colors, which gives you plenty of options. Unfortunately, they can fade quite easily and when washed, there’s always the possibility that it will bleed and stain the canvas.

  1. Knitting Yarn

As the name implies, obviously, this yearn is used primarily for knitting. This type of yarn varies in terms of thickness, which is referred to as ‘yarn weight’.

There you have it, the different hand embroidery thread types you need to know about. It is very crucial that before you start a project, you have to know what that thread is all about so you can create flawless and perfect craftwork projects. This blog post will serve as your guide if in case you plan to start a new project. At least now you know what type of thread you need.

Out of all the threads, the three most commonly used and are highly popular is wool, silk, and cotton. You have to keep in mind that when it comes to embroidery designs, dimension and texture greatly matters because these are what get noticed first. You have to be extra picky about your thread for your specific projects. Now that you know, you are now ready to shop for the right threads! Good luck!

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Today’s“xmas” outfit

Today’s“cupcake lady shooting” outfit

I had a small shooting you can buy the clothes here: Kostuemtruhe


some extra pictures


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First Post ^^

nun habe ich mich auch entscheiden endlich einen Blog zu machen XD
Ich hoffe er wird wenigstens etwas interessant und ihr schaut mal was öfter hier rein ^–^
Die letze Woche war leider nicht so toll, weil ich leider krank geworden bin ;___;
Obwohl mein Schatzi mich noch gewarnt hat naja…
Wer schön sein will muss leiden ;D
Gott sei dank is es nur eine kleine Erkältung, die langsam abklingt….


Ansonsten war ich am Samstag noch bei einem Boggy Peak Treffen.
Die Leute sind wirklich super lieb Wir freuen uns wirklich ganz dolle darüber.es gibt natürlich auch Puris, sobald diese hochgeladen wurden von Laura, zeige ich sie euch natürlich ^^
Hier ein zwei just for fun Bilder am Düsseldorfer Hbf ^^


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German Comic Con 2015

Omg I was at the first German Comic Con yesterday in Dortmund! And it was an amazing day. I was super ecxited to hear a life speaking from Jason isaacs aka Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies.
It was seriously really nice to stand just a few meters from him away.
I went to the con with my friends InaDoll aka the Joker52, Sutewi aka Harley 52, and Taeyen.
They were the Joker/ Harley crew ^^. I orginally wanted to wear a Walking dead cosplay, but something came in bewtween so I couldnt make it. Well so I decided to go there ”normal”.
Well, the most people anyway thought I was dressed for  Comic con, lol!

I seriouly enjoyed the comic con and found so much interesting stuff.
I could buy so so so so much!!!!
Here my pictures during the day …

I actually wanted to make way more cosplay pictures but I forgot kind of ^^. I just have some. The girl on the left got her makeup done by : Kami xD he is so talented!

I thought its a backpack but noooooo jut a plush >—< cosplay-pictures

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New outfits// Youtube???

Hello princesses,

so how are you everyone?? I hope you are alright. Im well, ok….
I ringed out my neck a few days ago and have of course pain. The doc will say more tomorrow.
But lets come to another topic. What is with my youtube and blog??
My PC died completly a while ago. So its hard for me to write or do stuff on the computer.
I could make videos with my phone but I´m not sure if that is good enough. What do you think?
But lets make a outfits post finally again.


Today’s“Darling” outfit

I had fun with Riina so here some pics

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Good Horror Movies Part 2

Hello princesses,

so I decided to make a second Part of good horror movies. I´m actually a horror movie freak and watch at least 3 a week. But I think its hard to find good ones.
I watched already too many. So but why not share my opinion with my followers??
This is just my opinion, not from review pages or something. Maybe you like them too :)

1) The Boy (2016)
So I watched this movie in the cinema an it remind me a lot of ”the pact” but I think still it was a good movie. It´s maybe because my love for old scary dolls. But its worth the watch. I watched a couple of horror movies in the cinema and this was the best one from them.
It´s not a 10 from 10 but I would give it a 7.

Short Story: An American nanny is shocked that her new English family’s boy is actually a life-sized doll. After she violates a list of strict rules, disturbing events make her believe that the doll is really alive.

2) Green Inferno (2013)
I watched the trailer a while ago and actually I really thought it wasn´t mine. But then we grabbed it anyway from the movie store and rented it. And it was a big big big suprize.

They play with a diffrent kind of fear in this movie. Not the typical ”Ghost”, ”Demon” or ”Serial killer” Its definable a
must watch!!!

Short Story: A group of student activists travels to the Amazon to save the rain forest and soon discover that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished.

3) Backcountry (2014)

This movie was also really good, I would give it a 8,5 from 10.
Its kind of like the horror movie ”Frozen” or ‘Jaws”. If you like these kind of movies you should check this out. But believe me its really cruel.

Short Story: An urban couple go camping in the woods and find themselves lost in the territory of a predatory black bear.

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